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Abigail & Josh



soon to be..

summer 2021

Hello  beauties!!

         wow. I am so honored to be chosen to discuss photos!! What an honor. Y'all are so beautiful and i am just so excited.

So, listed below, I have many many options for y'all to think about and discuss, but there is no pressure whatsoever on how much interests you!! I just started creating packages for multiple wedding items and i don't want you to miss out on anything that can make your day the absolute dream that it should be!! <3

There are a few example packages that list one options, but these can be mix matched and perfectly assembled to your liking, so review them and get back to me whenever!

Can't wait to get to meet up in person and dream about this special time!

so much love!



music: bare bum


3 hours customized coverage — 



          ceremony- “i can’t help falling in love” + …

          cocktail hour (while photos are being taken)-

                 mellow jazzy music, Norah Jones,    

                 Michael Bublé, Ed Sheeran, etc.       

one sound system!

-if it is likely you will have a DJ i can plug into, this will be easily possible to only bring one system for the ceremony!

-this system for the ceremony also will include mics for the bride, groom and officiant

- if lapel mics (on jacket/ shirt microphones) are of interest rather than a handheld, it will be an additional cost to rent.


music extras!


6 hours customized coverage — 



          ceremony- “i can’t help falling in love” + …

          cocktail hour (while photos are being taken)-

                 mellow jazzy music, Norah Jones,    

                 Michael Bublé, Ed Sheeran, etc.

          first dance song- our special song written by Sav!

          father daughter dance- “butterfly kisses”

          mother son dance- “my wish”,


TWO sound systems!

if for some reason it looks as though you don't have a DJ that i am able to use their system, this will cover the help/ set up to make things seamless!

a personalized song written just for you!


          step one: i will send you both separate emails with a

          questionnaire to fill out and get back to me promptly 


          step two: i will personalize the most lovely wedding

          song based on the stories you share with me and your

          favorite things about one another


          step three: you have the choice of hearing it before

          the wedding day to decide if you want it to be your

          first dance song, or i can surprise you on your big day

          and make everyone sob!!!



features of this page are only available to a computer </3

Everything Photo


extra photographer! (double shooter)

many people prefer to have one more hand on deck for a wedding. This option will allow us to give you more coverage as well as getting photos in a bit quicker.

for ex: you won't leave your guests waiting too long for you during the in between "cocktail hour" so to speak- while we go off and take some photos, and if for SOME odd (extremely unlikely) reason  both of my cameras poop out on me we have a solid coverage to ensure you get all of your special moments captured!

this is also a good way to not only have a camera on the bride and groom, but also capturing your guests! (sneaky way to get YOU more cash back through prints as well) ;)


500+ edited photos for bride and groom


- all pics of every special moment will be sent back to you via email.

-free downloads of all photos for bride and groom

          -the rest must be purchased by any and all                  additional guests/ family for either a flat fee                of $50 or $15/ photo. 

-sharing photos outside of the emailed medium is prohibited by copyright.

Engagement Shoot for 1/2 off!

-local or destination shoot available for fee of travel

this is the best way to save money on an engagement shoot by adding it to your committed wedding day package!! YAY!


8 hours customized coverage — 



          getting ready + ceremony + group shots + many hours

          at reception and send off!

          option of 175$/ hour after that 8 hours

Photo booth at wedding :D

-this is just SUCH a fun thing to do at weddings--

Its personally one of my favorite things. In this case, I would stick my double shooter on covering the booth or reception depending on the time and make sure that you had SO many fun photos with and of all of your guests! It comes with whatever color backdrop you desire and up to 15 different props that fit your hearts desires.

It always is a big hit and gives you a little something extra to offer to your guests.

-see the photo ->



“I absolutely love getting my pictures done with Savannah. I am typically a very self-conscious person when it comes to being photographed, but she makes me forget all about that during the shoot with her sweet and enthusiastic personality.

My favorite part is that she doesn't edit photos to cover what I might see as an insecurity, she edits then to bring out the beauty that was already there, and because of that she makes me fall in love with my true self and not some fake filtered version. I highly recommend her to everyone I meet!"


-Dayna Hunt





Live Music!!!


- Follow this link to see my music!


-everything under package #2!!! 

Photo package #3         

-EVERYTHING listed under package #3 + 1 extra Photographer.

- I will still be doing all your editing and organizing, but will be leaving the photography at the wedding to two VERY trusted hands!

DJ Ren Rock!!

-DJ Ren Rock is (in my personal opinion) the BEST Dj around the valley. He is so intentional and talented at his expertise. He and i have had the privilege of partnering up and offering couples the DREAM coverage for a very competitive price.

-visit his site to see his work!




- There are quite a few Videographers that I partner up with in this package. Many of them are busy bees, So i have to check with them on their availability and work down the list!

-All of them are Sav Approved and very wonderful at their craft. 

-Coverage will include 4-6 hours and I have found that currently they are some of the most competitive prices for here in the valley while being some of the most talented individuals!



HI <3


I know this is all so much to think about, but I hope y'all are just SO excited.

The nicest thing about coming to me for all of these layers is that it cuts off having to communicate with 4 different vendors in order to have things that most people ideally desire at their wedding!

Everything I do is at the highest standards and yet also at a very competitive price! this package has the quality to be worth 13,500 but all of these talented individuals have agreed to start getting the ball rolling and discount their prices to make this package a much desired group-up for the valley.

We are so excited to have started to introduce this to the world and you are getting the best price! :D

If any are of interest to you, but others are not, please reach out and we will make a package that best suits your desires.

Keep scrolling to see your flexible payment plan!!


payment options

-$1,000+ down (depending on package desired) 

upon signing the contract

-then monthly payments of (about) $250 until paid in full

-full amount must be paid by and no later than 6 months after the wedding date

please note that these areas of payment are flexible! Do not hesitate to be transparent with your dreams and and also your flexibility to pay.

Payment can be made via Credit Card, Debit, Venmo, Cash app, check, or Zelle

looking for your pen?? Click here to shoot me an email with your decisions, and I will get back to you within 48 business hours with your contract!

thank you!